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Troubleshooting Safari Browser

Mac users who use Safari browser may experience problems when listening to Noozbuzz clips. The browser attempts to download a file instead of playing the stream. To resolve this:

Open up QuickTime Player, then select QuickTime Player -> Preferences -> Quicktime Preferences (or open them via the QuickTime System Preferences panel), click the Plug-in tab, click the MIME Settings button, and under the 'MP3 - MPEG layer III movies and streams' section, check the 'MP3 playlist file' checkbox -- if you look at the Media Type Information after selecting the checkbox, you'll note it lists m3u and m3url as the associated extension types. If you have Safari open, quit it and restart it.

Users with QuickTime version 7, will find the MIME settings under an "Advanced" tab instead of "Plug-in".